dating a manipulator

Dating A Manipulator | 4 Signs

Dating A Manipulator?

How To Know You’re Dating a Manipulator?

When you start dating someone you don’t go into the relationship expecting it to end or to be a source of pain and hurt. Typically, you go into it with attraction, hopefulness, and excitement.

However, sometimes relationships change. If you’ve ever found yourself in more pain than joy in your relationship this could be due to a toxic dynamic. It’s important to be able to recognize signs of manipulation.

Dating A Manipulator Often Carries Signs. Here Are The Top 4 Signs:

  1. If the person is calling you pet names or baby names early on, like babe or baby.
  2. Expressing intense admiration like saying they love you a few weeks in.
  3. Making promises for the future. And planning with you far in advance, for events that might feel premature for the current state of the relationship.
  4. They gaslight you, denying your reality of the situation or dismissing your feelings.

If someone is love bombing you, it is typically not because you are in fact incredible, although, I’m sure you are. Love bombing says more about the other person’s mental health than it does you.

People who love bomb might do this as a way to manipulate you down the road. For example, if they shower you with love in the beginning, putting you on a pedestal, they get you hooked from the start on who they want you to think that they are. Or it could be because the person is emotionally immature, and they don’t understand that it takes a while to truly get to know someone in order to build a lasting relationship.

Love bombing might feel good to the ego, but it won’t end in a long lasting relationship.

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