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Impacts Of Grief On Social Life | Boca Raton Therapist | 4 Signs Grief is Impacting Social Life

How Does Unresolved Grief Impact Life?

Ashley Gersh LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Grief’s impact on our social life is profound. So much of life is altered after losing a loved one: routine, relationships, careers, etc. The impacts of grief can impact various aspects of our lives as the symptoms of grief manifest emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, or financially. Losing a loved one can feel extremely distressing so it’s not surprising if small talk with friends, large gatherings, or going to parties is the last thing you want to do. During this jarring time, just getting out of bed might be a big deal compared to the energy you might’ve had before the loss.

Here are four signs to consider to inform you that grief is impacting your social life.

You’ve been isolating yourself from friends and family.

It’s common to feel physically fatigued from grief, so it’s normal if your capacity for social interactions is low at this time. So much energy is being used just to keep you functioning and afloat, especially in the beginning stages of grief. Your energy is needed to meet basic needs like getting out of bed, eating, and hygiene. After that, your energy might be needed to then complete funeral arrangements, or coordinate work responsibilities. This exhaustion can make social interactions difficult and small talk can feel challenging.

You find yourself underachieving or overachieving at school or work.

Engaging with others might bring up the possibility of having to bring up the vulnerable reality that you recently lost your loved one. This might be too raw to confront in conversation for you. While you may have an inner circle of support that can comfort you in that grief, newer social activities or interactions might feel too raw and overwhelming. The avoidance of this sadness and grief might lead to throwing yourself into your work or school responsibilities, or, on the other hand, avoiding them altogether. One might be underachieving especially when socializing feels challenging and exhaustion makes focusing difficult.

You’ve noticed an increase in aggression, irritability, or resentment.

Grief makes you confront the reality that life is short and you might naturally self-reflect on your identity or beliefs. This might also lead you to examining your current relationships. You might reflect on what hasn’t been working that’s leading to your feelings or irritation or resentment and relationships where boundaries might need to be set. Maybe you tolerated certain behaviors that you’re realizing are not conducive to reciprocal, healthy relationships you are wanting now. There may also be secondary losses and grief when learning who can and who cannot show up and witness the pain of your grief.

You’ve noticed an increase in forgetfulness as it relates to scheduled events or appointments.

You might be experiencing brain fog from the exhaustion of grieving. The reality that your loved one has died becomes the focal point of your life, which makes it hard to follow current events or remember scheduled appointments. This jarring realization that life is still moving on without your loved one might make you feel disconnected to your community.

You are not alone if you’re going through or related to any of these experiences. It can be extremely unsettling navigating back into a world that is different now. You’re processing the loss of your loved one while also processing the changes in relationships with those still alive, your routine, identity, careers, and more that the loss has impacted. That is a lot of undertaking. We grieve as many times as we come in contact with the loss. When something happens that we wish we could call them up and tell them about, or a time when we would have typically asked for their advice, or a milestone that they can’t witness. Be kind to yourself over and over again as the pain resurfaces. You may want to withdraw to escape the hurt, but it’s important however, not to isolate. Individual and/or group therapy services can be a great place to start as you work towards showing yourself compassion during this time.

the impacts of grief on social life
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Virtual Counselor in Florida

Virtual counseling services in the State of Florida have made it easier for individuals to access help remotely. Ashley Gersh LMHC makes it possible to receive mental health therapy and counseling services virtually through her website

The professional background of Ashley Gersh centers around helping people through their mental or emotional issues. She is a licensed mental health professional and the founder of As a licensed therapist, Ashley Gersh offers individual counseling, couples and family therapy, and grief and trauma support services through her website. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), she has over 10 years of experience in working with people struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, intimacy difficulties, grief and trauma. offers several different services to best meet the needs of each individual client. These include individual therapy, teletherapy, couples and marriage counseling, family therapy, and grief and trauma support. Each service is delivered in a supportive and compassionate environment, and utilizes evidence-based approaches to solving mental health issues.

Individual Therapy

Through individual therapy, Ashley Gersh helps clients gain insight into the source of their feelings, identify triggers, and find solutions to their problems. During these sessions, Ashley works to uncover an individual’s inner strengths to empower them to live fully and authentically. She also helps individuals develop new coping skills that may improve their daily life.


Through teletherapy or aka virtual counseling, clients can connect with Ashley Gersh from anywhere in the world. Teletherapy sessions provide an intimate and private atmosphere to express emotions and explore inner thoughts without having to leave the comfort of home. Ashley provides individual sessions to address specific mental health issues as well as couples and family therapy sessions.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Through counseling couples therapy, Ashley Gersh helps couples improve their relationship. In sessions, couples learn better communication skills. Couples learn to work through conflicts together and express their emotions in a healthy way. Ashley also assists couples with major life transitions such as marriage, divorce, and parenting.

Family Therapy

In family therapy sessions, Ashley Gersh provides an environment for family members to work on their relationships with each other. During the sessions, she helps family members to better understand and resolve conflicts. She also teaches family members how to navigate communication issues in order to reach better understandings and outcomes.

Grief & Trauma Support

Through grief and trauma support, Ashley Gersh provides an environment in which individuals can express their emotions and begin to work through their pain. In this type of therapy, she helps individuals gain insight into their thoughts and feelings and encourages them to build resilience and coping skills.

Ashley Gersh is now providing these services virtually and is available throughout Florida’s major cities, including but not limited to:

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Counseling services revolve our core hurdles people may experience everyday including but not limited to:

Individuals, couples, and families on issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, relationship issues, and trauma.

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action ashley counseling boca raton west palm beach miami